Ever find yourself re-downloading Tinder when you’re feeling low, only to delete it again when you’re bored?

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It is a Friday night and once again I begin to feel unwanted. My fingers hover over the app store, hesitant to do what I know I shouldn't. I impulsively do the unthinkable, caving in a moment of low self-esteem: I re-download Hinge. This has become a weekly occurrence for me, I download a dating app and browse for an evening, seeking the validation that others find me attractive, only to get bored and delete the app. Delete, re-download, repeat is my mantra and it is time it stopped.

We spend hours searching for the validation that we desire, discarding…

The story of America’s vastly misunderstood pop culture icon

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Anna Nicole Smith, the once dazzling star of America, the Guess poster girl, the Playboy playmate of the month, the 90’s Marilyn Monroe, began life as Vickie Lynn Hogan. She came from a world of poverty, closed doors and small-town life and she wanted more. What Vickie wanted was the American Dream, the fairy tale life that was worth living- she longed for a way out of the environment that was suppressing her.

At the age of 14 in 1982, she dropped out of school after getting into a fight with another girl. Three years later, working in a fried…

It is not enough to respect your mother or your sister

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We live in an age where the endeavours of feminism have paid off to some extent. Women can vote, we have witnessed the U.S electing their first female Vice President. However, these victories do not in any way mean that the patriarchy has been toppled, there is a long road ahead that needs to be travelled in order to achieve true equality.

One of the issues that remain, is inherent misogyny that is covered under the myth of respect for women. Many men claim they believe in equal rights for men and women, they encourage their sisters or daughters to…

Lori Vallow befriends ex-grave digger and religious fanatic Chad Daybell and a string of mysterious deaths occur including her two children

JJ and Tylee Vallow, source: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

The disappearance of JJ and Tylee Vallow sparked interest across America and they became two of the most famous missing children at the time. However, what makes this case bizarre, is the fact that surrounding the children’s disappearance, was a series of deaths of people connected in some way to their mother Lori.

Lori Daybell, previously known as Lori Vallow was married to her husband Charles Vallow, with whom she shared two children, Tylee and JJ. …

Love means what we want it to in a certain context, so does this make it unstable?

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Have you ever reminisced a previous love and realised that feeling was actually something else?

Looking back on previous relationships with partners, family and friends, have you ever analysed the feelings you believe you once felt and discovered that what you thought was love was merely desperation or a need to feel worthy?

Was that feeling of love and adoration a part of teenage obsession, or the desire to be protected and looked after?

Love comes in many forms and I believe we make it mean exactly what we want to or even need it to at a certain time…

The shocking story of Jan Broberg, whose abductor ensnared her family in a web of deceit, religion and manipulation

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The story of the Broberg family and the abduction of their daughter Jan is probably one of the most chaotic and bewildering true crime stories that I have ever come across.

The tale of Jan’s abduction became prominent in 2017 when the documentary Abducted in Plain Sight was released and even more so when it was added to Netflix. The story quickly became popular for its shock factor, as it is unlike any other missing child case which sees the parents using everything in their power to retrieve their child. …

How a beer mug and a genealogy website solved the murder of Helene Pruszynski

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On the 16th of January 1980, intern Helene Pruszynski was heading home after her shift. She boarded the bus, as usual, to get back to her home but unfortunately, she never arrived.

Her housemates began to become concerned when she never returned home and one spoke of her anxiety in her diary, which was read out in court. She wrote:

“This has been the longest and worst day of my life. I am writing because I don’t know what else to do… we waited for Helene to come home, and waited.”

The Disappearance

At 3 am, there was still no sign of…

How do we decide what books children should be reading and what is motivating that decision?

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Children’s literature is an often overlooked topic of discussion, it may be viewed as inferior to the works of Jane Austen or Shakespeare, yet children’s books are some of the most important books you will ever read.

What we read when we are young shapes our minds, feeds us an education on language, ideas, concepts and fuels our imagination in ways that school cannot. Children’s literature is so important because it exhibits ideas that can be complicated in a simple and accessible way, ensuring that many books that we read as children are multi-layered and complex.

So how do we…

Shiela Wysoki gained her private detective licence in order to help solve her friend, Angela Samota’s murder case

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Angela Samota was a bright and popular student of the Southern Methodist University in Texas, where she studied computer science and electrical engineering. She met Sheila Wyoksi on her very first day in 1982, and the pair quickly became inseparable friends. What Sheila was not to know, is that on the 12th of October, 2 years later, her friend would be brutally raped and murdered.

The murder

On that fateful night, Angela had planned to go out to the state fair of Texas with two friends, Russel Buchanon and Anita Kadala. Angela’s boyfriend at the time did not attend the event, which…

The cases are already on the rise, are students heading towards disaster?

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I think back with fond memories, to this time three years ago when I was just beginning my undergraduate degree. Those first few months were spent at numerous ice-breaker events in an attempt to curb the awkwardness of first time meetings: lunches, brunches, and bar-crawls with new classmates and roommates.

The fright of leaving home for the first time was subdued by the multitude of social events and bonding activities, that reminded students that everyone was in the same position. Lectures were spent in large rooms, filled with bright-eyed and bushy-tailed students who were eager to learn new things. …

Natasha Piggott

Cambridge master’s student, literature grad and a semi-amateur writer.

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