It is not simply my naive opinion that calls C. S Lewis a misogynist, he was. There are many times that Lewis has exerted his sexist opinions, by continuously saying that a man must have more power and authority within a marriage, which correct me if I am wrong, is in fact sexist.

He chooses to base his characters off of very traditional gender roles and ridicules the female characters such as Mrs Beaver for her feminine attributes such as her obsession with domesticity. I am not forcing a bias on this novel, I am expressing an opinion, is not everyone allowed to share an opinion of their reading of a novel?

I wrote my dissertation on this novel and the representation of women, which I spent months researching. It is not just me that forms this opinion of Lewis, many critics and authors have come to the same conclusion, which I have referred to in my piece. Do you think that these critics are also poisoning the generation?

Prolific children’s author Philip Pullman even said that Lewis was “monumentally disparaging of women” in his novel.

I understand your statement that you do the deeds for your wife that she does not have to out of respect, yet this is not what my argument is about. It is trying to voice my opinion that Lewis moulds his characters from a very traditional and patriarchal idea of gender roles. I came to this conclusion after months of research and reading, this is not some opinion that I have pulled out of thin air on a whim.

Written by

Cambridge master’s student, literature grad and a semi-amateur writer.

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