Some Beautiful Words You Ought to Know

A gift from me to you to brighten up your writing

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I remember this being one of the first words I found and truly loved. I must have been about 11 or 12 years old and I read this word in a book. I adored the way it sounded and rushed to the dictionary to find out what it meant.


This word is rather ironic in itself, as it means when something is too great to be expressed in words, something that leaves a person speechless. However, the word itself ends up describing the marvel which was characterised as indescribable.


This word is something that we do every day despite being aware of it. It means to absorb knowledge, to digest ideas. There is a lesson in most conversations, we take something from an overheard exchange in a cafe, or develop ideas about life when speaking to a child and seeing the world from their perspective.


This word describes a perfectionist down to a tee. If someone is detail-orientated and focussed on the finer points of something, they are meticulous.


Whimsical is one of those words, which is reminiscent of carefree childhood times. It means to act on impulse, to perform without limitation. It can also describe something that is fanciful and full of delight.


We don’t grant praise enough, we often read an article and enjoy it, yet fail to leave a comment or let the author know how great it was. The word laudable, describes something which is worthy of praise, something which should be commended.


Eloquent is something you will be if you use these words in your writing! All joking aside, this is a beautiful word which describes something which is fluent and well-spoken or written. For example, the novel Great Gatsby is one that is written with such eloquence and grace, exhibiting some of the most beautiful metaphors that I have ever read.


Think evil queen in Snow White, picture a femme fatale. To beguile is to charm and attract someone, but often with an air of deception. Something that is alluring, yet perhaps untrusting is beguiling.


This is how you feel when you’ve spent all morning writing Medium articles and your brain has turned all fuzzy. It is the state of lethargy or fatigue, a mental block which is oppressing you’.


This is a word I have already used in this article, if you have your detective hat on, you will have noticed. It is an abundance of something, a portfolio or large collection of either physical things or concepts.


This is something that I wish my life was shrouded in, yet unfortunately, it remains to be a dream. Opulence means extreme luxury, something which is oozing with splendour and richness.

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Cambridge master’s student, literature grad and a semi-amateur writer.

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