The Kardashian Witch-Hunt Needs to End

Why we should stop hating the Kardashians

Natasha Piggott
3 min readJul 23, 2020


Kim Kardashian West at the amfAR Gala in NYC on February 6, 2019. Image credit: Angela Weiss/ AFP

The name Kardashian has a certain stigma attached to it, that tends to incite hatred and a lack of respect.

The common perception of the Kardashians is that they are fake and undeserving of their wealth. However, the very same people that are voicing these opinions are feminists and #BeKind advocates.

Whilst the Kardashian family have had a head start in their success by already being rich, they have not become who they are today with no effort. They have marketed on their image and identity as fashion and beauty influencers, to create a multi-million dollar brand.

They have gone from reality TV stars to models, business owners, and guests at the coveted MET Gala. Kim Kardashian has even become a trainee lawyer and spoken at the White House on issues surrounding criminal reformation.

To argue that these women do not deserve their success and wealth, because of what they do to earn that money is entirely unfair. Just because they earnt their money from photoshoots, appearances and beauty lines, does not make it any less impressive. These women juggle a multitude of products, businesses and commitments, all whilst having their every move in the spotlight. One may say that this is their own doing, yet who was to know that they would become so famous? It is not as if Kim Kardashian could decide tomorrow to no longer be in the spotlight and lead an ordinary life.

Why is it that we cannot show these businesswomen respect, yet we can respect the CEOs of more ‘appropriate’ companies? Do the Kardashians work any less hard than someone like Mark Zuckerberg?

My belief is that the hatred of the Kardashians and other fashion influencers stems from deep routed jealousy, that someone can be insanely wealthy from doing desirable things such as promoting fashion brands or posting on social media. The fact is, that if most people had the opportunities that the Kardashians have had, they would not turn them down.

These women have the power and influence to make real change, which has been shown by Kim’s recent prison reform project, where she has had the ability to grant clemency people like Alice Johnson, who was wrongly sentenced…



Natasha Piggott

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