These Grammatical Errors Look Unprofessional

You could be making these mistakes in your writing, emails or posts

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1. Affect/Effect

Plenty of people do not even realise that there is a difference between these two words. Commonly, people use the word ‘effect’ for both words, not differentiating between the two. The word ‘affect’ is a verb, meaning to make a difference to something else.

2. Using a Semicolon In Place of a Colon

So often I see people confusing the difference between a colon and a semicolon, which is frequent enough to confirm that it isn’t just a miss-hit.

3. Don’t Refer to an Entity or Company as ‘They’

Commonly, people refer to an entity or brand as a collective group of people, which is incorrect. A business should not be referred to as a plural, it is a singular entity.

4. i.e Verus e.g.

These two Latin abbreviations are often confused for one another and are also commonly formatted incorrectly.

5. Use Who When Talking About a Person

If you are writing about a person, you must use ‘who’ instead of ‘that’.

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Cambridge master’s student, literature grad and a semi-amateur writer.

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